Zeis Special Model machine with Cleveland spring system.


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This is a Zeis Special Model style tattoo machine, perfect for big needle outlining work. It pushes 14’s like feathers, and will push bigger ones with ease, too. Super powerful and solid, it’s also very good for solid black fills.
Side plate is made of bakelite, like the original Zeis machines, and carries two original vintage 1920’s binding posts with polarity tags. Front binding post is a vintage one too, and contact screw is made of bronze. A very old brass wing nut tightens the vise.
What makes this machine different is that it incorporates a Cleveland style spring system on the rear. I added another screw to tighten and add or remove tension, although you shouldn’t need to touch that unless you want to experiment with it. Check this video if you want to see another of my Cleveland machines in action!
This machine is tested and tuned, ready to be used. Lifetime warranty, as with every of my tattoo machines.


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