Laibach Tattoo machine, #4 of 5 limited edition, released today!

  • March 3, 2014

Today is finally released “Spectre”, the new studio album by Laibach, Slovenian industrial-electronic pioneers, active since 1980, after the widely acclaimed conceptual album “Volk” from 2006 and the releases of the side projects “Laibachkunstderfuge” (2008) and “Iron Sky O.S.T.” (2012). It’s also the release date of my new Laibach Tattoo Machine, 4th in the very limited edition of 5 different machines, made with the collaboration and approval of the band. It’s presented to the public the same day as the new album, as this machine is dedicated to it, being a “Spectre” machine with decoration related to the release.

This new machine is made of high quality damascus steel, heavily etched. The base plate and spring deck are made of regular steel, to keep an optimum magnetic field. Mirror polished brass binding posts and contact screw top (screw made of bronze for better performance and durability). Lightened armature bar, and 1 euro coin on the vise screw, related to the presence of Europe in the thematic of the new album. Europe is also represented by the naked woman that’s portrayed on one of the coils, while the owl that decorates the other is a symbol of wisdom and patience. Both images are extracts from pictures by Maya Nightingale for the artwork of the new album. The heavy duty coils, with 10 layers of the best magnet wire available, are topped with marbled washers that match the damascus patterns.

This 233 gr. machine (8.2 oz) is set to push big liner needle groupings with ease, hitting hard and powerful at 125cps, loaded with a 14 round liner at 7 volts, with a generous throw. It will be never repeated, as the other machines from this Laibach edition, and most of my own ones, so get it now before it’s too late, only available through their WTC webshop.

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